Saturday, 22 March 2014

Community Outreach on the 29th of March

Dear YAM

We are planning to serve our community by serving the elderly at Pacific Nursing Home on 29 March 2014.

We will gather there at 2pm, and it should end by 4.15pm. We will be taking the elderly through games and craft, and basically spending time with them! The list of activities we will be engaging in is below.

We really need people to come and help, so please let us know if you are able to come, and which activities you might be able to help with.

Activities involved:
1. Egg Crate Game
Toss ping pong balls into different coloured zones on the egg crates
2. Bowling
Knock over plastic bottles, cans, milk cartons with balls
3. Trinket Box
Make a trinket/knick-knack box by glueing ice cream sticks together
4. Photo Frame Decoration
Frame up instant photos of the elderly with their friends/family
. Decorate the frames by glueing on beads etc.
5. Toss and Catch
Play ball toss and catch with the elderly
6. Memory Game
Flip pairs of cards over to match the same picture
7. Jigsaw puzzles
Large sized jigsaw pieces for the elderly to fit

Looking forward to serving God along with you.

Link to Pacific Nursing Home here.

~ The Community Outreach Committee

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