Thursday, 20 February 2014

This Week's Update

Hello everyone!

Hope you all have enjoyed last week's Sisters' Appreciation Night as much as the guys enjoyed preparing for it. Here are the questions for this week :)

Part A 
(Follow up questions from the last time)
Read Mark 8:30-10:52
Jesus directly foretold of his own death and resurrection three times (Mark 8:31, 9:31 and 10:33-34).
What does he say 'must' and 'will' take place?

In Mark 8:31 Jesus said he 'must' die. Why is this so? (See Mark 10:45)

What did Jesus say that following him involves? (See Mark 8:34)

Each time Jesus foretells his own death and resurrection, Mark takes note the disciples' response - or its absence. (See Mark 8:32-33, 9:32-35; 20:35-45). How did the disciples react in each case?

In Mark 8:29 Peter acknowledges that Jesus is the Christ, God's only chosen King. In Mark 8:32, Peter took Jesus aside and rebuked him. Peter did not treat Jesus as God's King.
How do you think you have treated Jesus?
How would you feel about Jesus being King  in every area of you life?

Any questions about Mark 8:30-10:52?

Part B
Read Mark 15:42-47
How did Pilate, the Roman governor, discover that Jesus died (see verses 44-45)?

Where was Jesus buried?

Read Mark 16:1-8
Why did the women go to Jesus' tomb (verse 1)?

What were they thinking about as they approached the tomb (see verses 2-3)?

What did they discover when they arrived at the tomb (see verses 4-6)?

The empty tomb should not have surprised the women. Why not? (Refer to Mark 15:7 and 14:38)

In the following verses, what did Jesus say he came to do?
Mark 8:31
Mark 9:30-31
Mark 10:32-34

Why did Jesus have to die and rise again? (Mark 10:45)

What does this resurrection show us about Jesus?

- END -

References: (2011) Christianity Explored Leader's Guide (3rd Edition). New Malden, UK, The Good Book Company Ltd.
References: (2012) Christianity Explored Universal Leader's Guide (2nd Edition). UK, The Good Book Company Ltd.
~ DWYAM Committee

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