Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mid Week Update

Hi all, here are the questions for this week:

Part 1:
Read Mark 12:28-30
1. How should we treat God? (see verse 30)
2. How do we treat God?

Read Mark 7:20-23
3. Where does sin originate (see verse 21 & 23)
4. What is the consequence of our sin?

Read Mark 9:46-47
5. What does Jesus tell us to do about the causes of sin?
6. Why do you think Jesus uses such serious examples when speaking about the need to avoid hell?
7. Jesus believed in hell. Should we? Why or why not?
8. If someone said to you, "When I die, God will be pleased with me because I was a good person"? How would you respond?

Part 2:
Read Mark 3:7 - 5:43
1. In this passage Mark records Jesus doing four specific miracles:
a) calming a storm (Mark 4:35-41)
b) healing a demon-possessed man (Mark 5:1-20)
c) healing a sick woman (mark 5:25-34)
d) raising a dead girl to life (Mark 5:35-43)
With regards to the above, what does Jesus show authority over?
How does this add to what we've already read about his power and authority in the earlier chapters?

2. When Jairus's daughter passed away, and all hope seemed to be lost (Mark 5:35), what did Jesus ask Jairus to do (verse 36)?
a) Was that a reasonable thing to ask?

3. Seeing at all four events in Q1(a-d), what are the various ways in which people respond to Jesus? Refer to:
a) Mark 4:40-41
b) Mark 5:15
c) Mark 5:27-28, 34
d) Mark 5:42
Do you see yourself in any of these responses?

Do you have any questions about Mark 3:7-5:43?
~ DWYAM Committee

^(2011) Christianity Explored Leader's Guide (3rd Edition). New Malden, UK, The Good Book Company Ltd.